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How much caffeine in Nespresso capsules?

How much caffeine in Nespresso capsule

Nespresso doesn’t declare what is the caffeine content for each of their capsules. Not anymore, at least. In the past some informations could be gleaned from a few official Nespresso websites and that’s what we publish here.

Be aware that all these measurements are not exact as the temperature of water, time of brewing and water:coffee ratio can all influence the final caffeine content in your cup. Even wildly. So, assuming that each of these Nespresso capsules are brewed according to the suggested cup size, their relative caffeine content should be as such, from lower to higher:

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How much caffeine in Nespresso capsules?

10 thoughts on “How much caffeine in Nespresso capsules?

    1. About 400mg of caffeine per day should be safe. “Should” here it’s important because it is not a hard limit but variable from person to person. Use the amount of caffeine in each capsule as above to calculate how many coffee you can have on a single day. Be aware that if you have a custom recipe or overextract a capsule (making a lungo for a pod that is recommended for an espresso) it will increase the amount of caffeine that ends up in your cup. By how much it’s debatable.

  1. This list of caffeine quantities I find very useful because it allows us to relativize and get a sense of the caffeine quantity between the different capsules. I think that this information should be more disseminated by Nespresso.
    We managed to see this information on Nespresso / Taiwan and on this list. However when comparing them there are 3 capsules with values that are different, even though 2 of them are approximate: the Kazaar with 113mg, Roma with 63mg, but Venezia is very different, 77mg.

    1. Hi! Unfortunately, we don’t know it yet. Nespresso rarely, if at all, publishes data about the caffeine content in their pods. Considering that Vanilla Eclair is a full Arabica blend of light/medium roast, we can guess the content of caffeine to be similar to the middle line of Nespresso. Somewhere between 65-75mg per cup seems realistic.

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