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    Rebranding of some capsules

    According to various sources (Nespresso Uk website and the newsletter), there will be a rebranding of some original line capsules and a welcome return. In short: Dharkan is being phased out in favour of “Ispirazione Napoli“. This will be a different blend with a different profile. Kazaar is being renamed as “Ispirazione Palermo“. Ristretto will be named “Ispirazione Ristretto Italiano”. Arpeggio will be named “Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio“. Roma will change only the name in “Ispirazione Roma“. Livanto will undergo a rebranding to “Ispirazione Genova Livanto“. Café Venezia will make a return as “Ispirazione Venezia” with an updated flavour profile: Nespresso claims it will have notes of sweet caramel with an…

  • Dharkan is officially being discontinued

    The rumors were true and Dharkan is going away soon, as soon as the stocks end, which will be at the latest March 2020 as Nespresso itself is planning to not sell it anymore by that date. Lovers of Dharkan should then stock it up as soon as possible.

  • Ispirazione Napoli preview on Nespresso USA

    Ispirazione Napoli is briefly available (US only)

    Just for a few days, up to 20th December, the new Ispirazione Napoli is available on the Nespresso US website to purchase. Officially it will be back for good on March 2020, probably worldwide. The rumors that Dharkan was going to be discontinued in favour of Ispirazione Napoli seem then to be more probable. We love Dharkan but the aromatic profile and intensity (13) of this Ispirazione Napoli are interesting enough to make us not too sad for the old capsule to go. Nespresso would make us happier to add more stable capsules sometimes instead of always removing one to add another one.

  • Dharkan being discontinued?

    Rumors floating around claim that Dharkan may be discontinued at the beginning of 2020. A new capsule, inspired by neapolitan coffee, will substitute it. The new capsule may have an intensity of 13, so even stronger than Dharkan, but of course the aromatic profile will be different. As we love Dharkan, if you love it too it may be wise to stock it up this Christmas.

  • Nespresso Dharkan

    Dharkan review

    Origin: washed and long roasted at low temperature Arabica coffee from Latin America and Asia. Intensity: 11 Bitterness: 5 Acidity: 1 Body: 4 Roasting: 5 Order: Buy Dharkan capsules at Amazon Medium brown foam. Caramel and cereals aroma, with woody hints. Dry and a very dark roast. Quite creamy, a heavy cup. Some bitterness mixes with the sweetness of the caramel, more pronounced as the coffee cools down. A bit of a burnt aftertaste. Persistent crema. Throughout a dry tasting experience for a coffee with a marked character and high intensity.