• A rumoured list of Limited Edition pods for 2022

    There are rumours circulating in the web about the Limited Edition capsules that Nespresso is going to release this 2022. Often those rumours turn out to be true in our experience so it is worth to publish them. Obviously take them as just rumours and nothing officially confirmed, because that’s what they are. The limited edition pods for 2022 are rumoured to be: Cafecito de Puerto Rico Esperanza De Colombia La Cumplida Refinada Tamuka mu Zimbabwe Myanmar Pyeehma Brasil Bio Special Reserve Jamaica Blue Mountain Kahawa Ya Congo Aged Sumatra Papua New Guinea Amaha Awe Uganda Peru Organic Cafecito De Cuba Paris Black The list is not chronological, nor we…

  • Kahawa Ya Congo and La Cumplida Refinada are available again

    The first Limited Edition pods of 2022 are both a return of two past ones. Kahawa Ya Congo and La Cumplida Refinada are popping up here and there in some markets, mainly the European ones. We have no concrete info whether they will be re-released worldwide yet. Those who haven’t had a chance to taste the forest-inspired Limited Editions of last year may still find the last pods in a handful of countries. Most shops have exhausted the Forest Black, Forest Fruit Flavour and Forest Almond Flavour capsules though. They are going to disappear worldwide very soon.

  • New World Explorations Miami pod in 2022 and la Cumplida Refinada makes a return

    New year, new pods. An addition to the World Explorations line will be available next month, Miami. Another city then, another pod inspired by the coffee culture of cities around the world that will join the already available Buenos Aires, Shanghai, Tokyo, Vienna, Cape Town and Stockholm. No info about what Miami will taste like. Considering that the taste profile of the pods in the same line aren’t exactly matching what the locals would consider “typical” coffee, it is hard to guess. We will know more in January, probably. A, perhaps not by everybody, welcomed return will be La Cumplida Refinada. It will be then the first limited edition pod…

  • La Cumplida Refinada

    La Cumplida Refinada Review

    A Master Origins 2021 limited edition. A low-water usage, fermented coffee from Nicaragua. Light brown foam. Immediately the senses are assaulted by an intense, pungent aroma of very mature or candied fruits. A strong smell that can remind of fortified wine or cherry-based liqueurs. Unlike most other Nespresso pods. Dry and velvety at the first sip, it is full of acidity and some sweetness. A medium intensity coffee, it has a strong and lasting aftertaste, with the coffee swirling around all the palate’s sides and leaving its taste all over the mouth. A semblance of herbals, like green leaves, black tea and rosemary, can be discerned behind the fruity acidity…

  • Nicaragua La Cumplida Refinada coming in April

    A fermented coffee is coming, apparently worldwide, as a limited edition for this 2021. Hailing from Nicaragua, this new capsule should be available in April and bring a fruity, sweet, and light profile to our Nespresso machines next month.