Gimoka Brasil

Gimoka Brasil Review

  • Origin: single origin Arabica beans from Brazil
  • Intensity: 8

Light brown foam. Sweet aroma, not particularly intense, rather delicate. Slightly floral.

At the taste the sweetness is present, of milky qualities. This sweetness gives the coffee a taste similar to one with a splash of real milk in it.

Quite low intensity, despite the 8 score given by Gimoka. Some bitterness is present, mostly in the aftertaste. Acidity barely noticeable instead. Light-bodied. At lower temperatures the sweetness, bitterness, and acidity balance out.

Cocoa and milk are the main flavors, with hints of dried fruits. Weak crema, quickly disappearing. Not extremely flavorful, it definitely need a bit of sugar to bring out more flavors (or, if you are inclined to, salt).

A well-balanced coffee pod, with not a great deal of flavors. For a gentle cup is ideal. Also good to be paired with moderate amounts of milk to bring out more of the sweetness and acidity.

Gimoka Brasil package
Gimoka Brasil package

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