Nespresso Barista Chiaro

Barista Chiaro review

  • Origin: A blend of Arabica coffee from Kenya and Indonesia
  • Intensity: 5
  • Bitterness: 1
  • Roasting: 1

A 2017-2019 Barista Limited Edition, then part of the Barista Creations line.

Light brown foam. Nice aroma sweet and milky. Quite roasty too, nicely contrasting with the sweetness.

Very light bodied, nearly watery. Barely bitter, with some acidity with milk qualities. Intensity is 5 according to Nespresso but it feels like a 2.

This pod has a curious oily texture, especially felt at the back of the mouth. It easily swirls down the throat, like an oil would do.

Weak crema. Taste profile is definitely milky, with a grapefruit/kiwi-like acidity, not very pronounced but clearly noticeable. No bitterness, mostly a pod with gentle sweetness accompanied by a tad of acidity.

When drank as intended, with milk, the taste is very light, with caramel notes prevailing. Not bitter and no acidity at all. Lacking a coffee aroma, the resulting cappuccino smells like a hot milk.

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