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How Long Do Nespresso Capsules Last?

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A most common question about the durability, and safety, of the Nespresso capsule is: how long do the capsules last? Is there any expiration date? Is it safe to drink them afterwards?

Short answer, yes, they do expire but are safe to drink after even a long time later. Coffee is not subject to a dangerous deterioration like most other foods and the capsules especially are airtight, preventing microbes and fungi to grow. The Nespresso capsules can be safely drink even many months after you bought them, even years.

Different question it’s if you should. Nespresso suggests that the capsules should be drank at most before 6-9 months from the purchase, for an optimal tasting experience. Every sleeve has printed on the exterior a production date, when the capsules were closed with the coffee inside, and an expiration date, that acts as a limit for when it’s best to drink the coffee. After this second date, the flavours can start to be lost and the experience won’t be the same as with a fresh bought capsule. Nespresso suggests to check the status of the capsules by gently push the aluminium cover of them: if there’s some resistance, the coffee is still very good. Otherwise, the loss of flavours has started. Nothing to fear for your health but it won’t probably be the best cup of coffee you’ve ever had.

In any case, do drink it, even after years but be aware it could not be as good as in the beginning.

Also, there’s no advantage in storing them in the fridge or even freeze them. The capsules are perfectly fine in a cool, not hot, place, away from the direct sunlight and sources of heating. Putting them below or under 0°C adds not benefits to their conservation.

We personally never found a large difference between new and old, or even very old, capsules. All our tests are done with capsules still within the expiration date obviously.

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How Long Do Nespresso Capsules Last?

2 thoughts on “How Long Do Nespresso Capsules Last?

  1. I have almost 4 year old capsules that I’m going to try. Question is, can I tell the difference if it’s a good cup of coffee or not…

    1. Tricky to say. It depends on how refined is your palate, mostly. I personally tried a 2,5 years old pod and it was clearly more subdued, more “opaque” in flavours. All the tones were present but they didn’t feel as strong as they should. That’s what will probably happen with your 4 years old capsule too. It won’t be good but drinkable, yes.

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