• Frosted Caramel Nuts

    Frosted Caramel Nuts Review

    A 2023 festive limited editions, caramel flavored, pod. Brown crema, very dense and foamy. The aroma is sweet, full of caramel, vanilla, and almonds notes. There is not much coffee proper to smell, but overall the aroma is very warm and pleasant. A pod with medium body, not much intensity. There is some bitterness, at the beginning of a sip and in the aftertaste mainly, but a vivacious acidity is more prominent. It is highlighted by the sweetness of the caramel flavoring. The acidity lingers for a long time on the palate, leaving a taste of this pod on it for quite a while after finishing drinking it. Crema is…

  • Caramel Creme Brulee

    Caramel Crème Brûlée review

    Light brown foam. Strong aroma of caramel, with hints of sweetened eggs, like in a proper crème brûlée. Quite burnt taste at first but not bitter. Not an unpleasant type of burnt. Low intensity and practically no acidity. Taste is less sweet than the aroma, with notes of vanilla and coconut. The actual flavor of crème brûlée comes out only at low or medium temperatures, making it a capsule to not be drank very hot. Medium bodied. Average intensity for a medium roasted cup of coffee.

  • Nespresso Caramelito

    Caramelito Review

    Light brown foam. Very sweet aroma. At the first taste, a dry and very light cup. Nearly no body. Low intensity, no acidity. Then as the taste progresses, the caramel flavor arise but it is not really noticeable, just a hint. It lacks any “butter” aspect of the proper caramel, being a light bodied cup. Inconsistent foam. A colder brew shows a component of bitterness more pronounced than in a hotter one, where the caramel overcomes it.