Caffe Corsini India

Caffè Corsini India Review

  • Origin: 100% Arabica coffee from Kerala, India

Light brown foam. Wet, humid, slightly roasted smell. Not particularly intense overall, the aroma has some woodiness to it, with just a tad of spices notes.

Medium-light bodied, with a very weak crema. Acidic and slightly bitter at first, with a feeble sweetness that comes forth more at lower temperatures. A low intensity coffee, very gentle on the palate. Can be watery if brewed as a lungo.

A pod that morphs into a sweet and medium acidic one when lukewarm. Roast notes slowly disappear, leaving spices and woody flavors to dominate. Little aftertaste.

A quiet cup of coffee, decidedly not intense enough to drink in any way other than as an espresso or ristretto. With a generous spoon of sugar the natural sweetness of this pod shines, while with milk it can feel too acidic to some. Overall a simple, gentle coffee, apt to be drank after midday as a minimal caffeine boost.

Caffe Corsini India package
Caffe Corsini India package

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