• Festive Black Espresso

    Festive Black Espresso Review

    A 2023 festive limited edition pod. Brown foam. Aroma full of spices, a bit sweet, with noticeable woody notes. Roasting notes are also present but not prominent. A pod with a good body, dry and bitter at the taste. Acidity is present but the, relatively high, sweetness overcomes it. It is not as sweet as some flavored coffee from Nespresso, but it is a on the high side of sweetness among unflavored ones. With medium-high intensity, mainly bitter but possessing a good warmth in its taste profile that makes it easy to drink, less harsh. Good, long lasting crema. A very woody pod overall. The notes of spices enrich it,…

  • Frosted Caramel Nuts

    Frosted Caramel Nuts Review

    A 2023 festive limited editions, caramel flavored, pod. Brown crema, very dense and foamy. The aroma is sweet, full of caramel, vanilla, and almonds notes. There is not much coffee proper to smell, but overall the aroma is very warm and pleasant. A pod with medium body, not much intensity. There is some bitterness, at the beginning of a sip and in the aftertaste mainly, but a vivacious acidity is more prominent. It is highlighted by the sweetness of the caramel flavoring. The acidity lingers for a long time on the palate, leaving a taste of this pod on it for quite a while after finishing drinking it. Crema is…

  • Seasonal Spices Delight

    Seasonal Delight Spices Review

    A 2023 festive limited edition pod. A flavoured coffee, inspired by Christmas’ spices cake. Light brown foam. Intense aroma of cinnamon and cardamom, accompanied by a vaguer one of fruits. It has hardly any typical coffee smell features, being more resembling of a hot beverage with lots of spices in it, not necessarily containing coffee. Of medium-heavy body, it is quite dry at first sip. The mouthful is oily, quite in contrast with the initial aroma. Slightly bitter but with good acidity, it does not show the smelled sweetness at the taste. It is rather predominantly acidic, with little in terms of both bitterness and sweetness. Not very intense overall,…

  • L'Or Decaffeinato

    L’Or Decaf Review

    One of the decaf options from L’Or line of aluminium Nespresso compatible pods. Light brown foam. Nicely roasted aroma, somewhat sweet and nutty, but neither is overtly prominent. Overall a quite typical coffee aroma, without any smell that is particularly noticeable. Medium-bodied, with a pungent bitter aftertaste. Not particularly sweet at the taste, rather well balanced. Mildly acidic, and medium bitter. The taste profile has a base of cocoa, subtle, and is rich in spices. Mainly cardamom and a tad of paprika. These spices are never spicy nor pungent, and the cocoa hints pair with them well, moderating the whole taste profile. Slightly salty when lukewarm. Crema does not last…

  • Lavazza Dek

    Lavazza Dek Review

    The decaffeinate entry in the Lavazza Nespresso compatible pods line. Brown foam. Moderate aroma, with hints of dried fruits, mixed with the more typical roasted coffee smell. Of medium-heavy body, clearly a very dark roasted coffee chosen for this pod. The Robusta part is not particularly noticeable. Predominantly bitter, slightly dry at the palate. Lingering aftertaste, quite strong. Most of the taste profile is made of the dried fruits and licorice flavors, with nothing in terms of acidity and only minor hints of sweetness. Behind it all, typical cocoa notes blend with peppery ones, especially in the strong aftertaste. This is particularly powerful and dark, bordering the ashy. Weak crema.…

  • Nespresso Advent Calendar 2023

    Nespresso Advent Calendar 2023 is slowly becoming available + content revealed!

    Both for the Vertuo and Original lines, this year’s Advent Calendar is getting released these days in a few markets. We have seen New Zealand and Germany. Probably the other main ones like Uk, France, US, and Canada will soon follow. For those who want to be spoiled with what they will find inside the Advent Calendar this holiday season, we copy the official list from Nespresso below. All the others better to navigate elsewhere and avoid the below list: For the Vertuo line, the content of 2023 Nespresso Advent Calendar are:

  • Cafecito de Cuba returns

    In a few markets only so far (Canada, Uk, and a couple other EU countries), but probably going to be available in others soon. It is the same capsule that cyclically makes a return, and one of the most expensive ones. We are nonetheless glad that the original line is getting some love from Nespresso in this 2023.