Nespresso 2023 Festive Limited Editions

Nespresso seasonal flavors 2023 revealed

Most of us have been waiting for news about this year’s Nespresso holiday flavors and we have a sneak peek now. Unlike the recent years, there will not be a fruity flavor this Christmas but otherwise the line-up of the three new limited editions looks similar to the past years.

Festive Black Espresso should be the classic black coffee experience. If the recent years are to be followed, it will probably be a medium intensity coffee, with a straightforward taste profile.

Frosted Caramel Nuts is a caramel pecan flavored coffee. Thus, fairly sweet and nutty.

Seasonal Delight Spices is clearly spices-rich, with cinnamon, cloves and “spice cake” named as the main flavors. It could very well be a Christmas version of Pumpkin Spice Cake but without the pumpkin and with a more pungent taste profile.

All these limited edition pods will be available for both the Vertuo and Original lines. We should have more info later in October.

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