Seasonal Spices Delight

Seasonal Delight Spices Review

  • Origin: South American Arabica beans
  • Bitterness: 2
  • Acidity: 3
  • Roastiness: 2
  • Body: 2

A 2023 festive limited edition pod. A flavoured coffee, inspired by Christmas’ spices cake.

Light brown foam. Intense aroma of cinnamon and cardamom, accompanied by a vaguer one of fruits. It has hardly any typical coffee smell features, being more resembling of a hot beverage with lots of spices in it, not necessarily containing coffee.

Of medium-heavy body, it is quite dry at first sip. The mouthful is oily, quite in contrast with the initial aroma.

Slightly bitter but with good acidity, it does not show the smelled sweetness at the taste. It is rather predominantly acidic, with little in terms of both bitterness and sweetness. Not very intense overall, it has a peculiar aftertaste of black pepper and caramel.

Good crema. Cinnamon dominates the taste profile, leaving only weak notes of pears, apples, caramel, and malty to be discerned by the palate. Those fruit notes make much of the coffee acidity, which is not vibrant, never sour, rather subdued.

A coffee pod that works decidedly better with added sugar. A teaspoon of sugar greatly exalts the spices and balances out the acidity. It is a good pod for a festive latte or cappuccino, but not flavorful nor intense enough to be appreciate as a black coffee (espresso or americano), unless it is sweetened.

Decidedly a coffee that in the aroma hits the right notes for the Christmas season. It needs some tweaking to be as delightful at the taste too.

Seasonal Delight Spices Package
Seasonal Delight Spices Package

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