• Lack of updates on the Original line

    You have probably noticed our lack of updates on new or returning Nespresso pods. That was not our choice but a consequence of Nespresso’s decision. It is clear how in 2023 the focus of the company was in releasing new pods for the Vertuo line mostly, and leaving only returning pods to the Original line. The Vertuo got some interesting flavors like Whisky Essence, Vanilla, Chocolate, Golden Caramel, Juicy Watermelon Flavor Over Ice plus a plethora of returning pods like Honduras, Hawaii Kona, Jamaica Blue Mountain etc. On the other side, the Original Line has seen a refresh of the Barista Creations line with new Caramello, Cioccolatino, Nocciola, and Vaniglia;…

  • Barista Creations line getting an overhaul this year

    The Barista Creations line has not seen much changes in the last months. This should change this year as a complete renaming of some of its pods plus new ones is coming. In the Original Line, the current Vanilla Eclair, Caramel Creme Brulee and Cocoa Truffle will become simply Vaniglia, Caramello and Cioccolatino. Much more italian-sounding names. An addition to the line will be Nocciola, which will be an hazelnut-based pod. For the Vertuo line the new Barista Creations pods will be composed of: The first four clearly are the alternative for Vertuo of the above-mentioned pods for the Original line. The Whiskey Essence should be whisky-flavored but not an…

  • Liminha Over Ice

    Liminha Over Ice Review

    A flavored limited edition capsule, in the Barista Creations line. Light brown foam. A coffee with a stark mint aroma, decidedly intense. Some lime can be smelled as well but the mint overwhelms everything else, included the typical coffee aroma notes. A medium-bodied pod. Slightly more bitter at the taste that the aroma would have suggested. It is a largely acidic capsule, heavy on a citrusy acidity. Clearly the lime flavoring shows here by enhancing this aspect of the beans. At the taste, despite the well-present lime notes, the mint remains the strongest flavor, especially in the aftertaste. A generally low intensity pod. Smooth mouthful and crema, which lasts a…

  • Nespresso Barista Scuro

    Barista Scuro review

    A 2017-2019 Barista Limited Edition., then part of the Barista Creations line. Brown foam. Nice aroma, just slightly burnt. Quite acidic, especially at first, but not much bitter to be tasted. Good intensity, with a medium, oily, body. Very well balanced aromatic profile overall, with no flavor being more noticeable than any other. A tiny hint of sweetness can be savored at lower temperatures. With milk at first retains mostly the bitterness, which instead subsides at lower temperatures. Acidity dissipates. A very well balanced cup also with milk.

  • Nespresso Barista Corto

    Barista Corto review

    A 2017-2019 Barista Limited Edition, then part of the Barista Creations line. Brown foam. Roasted aroma, strong and persistent. Medium acidity and quite bitter. Colder is less acidic but bitterness remains. Hints of chocolate, dark, can be tasted at times but overall the very dark roasting of this capsule obfuscate flavors. Strong and bitter is what the majority will feel of the Barista Corto. Drank with milk, the Barista Corto maintains a moderate flavor of roastiness while the chocolate is more subtle, nearly crossing to cereals-like territories. Not much of an aroma anymore. With the wrong coffee:milk ratio the coffee may be overwhelmed.

  • Nespresso Barista Chiaro

    Barista Chiaro review

    A 2017-2019 Barista Limited Edition, then part of the Barista Creations line. Light brown foam. Nice aroma sweet and milky. Quite roasty too, nicely contrasting with the sweetness. Very light bodied, nearly watery. Barely bitter, with some acidity with milk qualities. Intensity is 5 according to Nespresso but it feels like a 2. This pod has a curious oily texture, especially felt at the back of the mouth. It easily swirls down the throat, like an oil would do. Weak crema. Taste profile is definitely milky, with a grapefruit/kiwi-like acidity, not very pronounced but clearly noticeable. No bitterness, mostly a pod with gentle sweetness accompanied by a tad of acidity.…