• Special Reserve Jamaica Blue Mountain coming next year?

    It’s been rumored that a special edition of the famous Jamaica Blue Mountain origin will be released next year. January or early February, at most. It was originally thought to launch last November but was delayed. It is just a rumor so far, and it is totally unknown if it will be released worldwide (probably not) or only in some markets. Also unclear whether it will be released for the Vertuo line as well as for the Original.

  • Italia Il Caffé

    Il Caffé review

    Origin: washed Robusta from Vietnam and Indonesia, with a touch of washed Arabica from Colombia. Intensity: 13 Bitterness: 5 Acidity: 1 Body: 4 Roasting: 5 Brown foam. Malted cereals, intense, aroma. Deliciously roasted smell, with sweet notes. Dry at the first taste, with a thick, velvety, crema that fills the aftertaste completely. Once the crema subsides, a spicy, peppery, bitterness prevails in the aftertaste. Very intense, a full-bodied cup. Primarily bitter, due to the dark roasted Robusta. Acidity is very weak, barely present. The Arabica component of Il Caffé isn’t enough to make some acidity noticeable, covered by the Robusta’s flavours. Some pepper, hazelnuts, toasted cereals and bitter cocoa powder…

  • Italia Torta di Nocciole

    Italia Torta di Nocciole review

    Origin: Bourbon Arabica from Brazil and Arabica from Colombia Bitterness: 3 Acidity: 3 Body: 3 Roasting: 3 Light brown foam. Cereals, almonds and nutty aroma, intense and very sweet overall. At the first taste it’s an extremely dry cup when hot. Somewhat of a bitter aftertaste, very heavily leaning towards hazelnuts and walnuts. Thick crema, medium body. The tasting experience is much less sweet than the aroma, quite balanced instead between bitterness and sweetness. The roasted flavour, a bit salty in the aftertaste, covers most of the other flavours, among which the primary ones are hazelnuts, vanilla, walnuts and cereals. No acidity at all at high temperatures, only noticeable at…

  • Italia Amaretti

    Italia Amaretti review

    Origin: Bourbon Arabica from Brazil and Arabica from Colombia Bitterness: 3 Acidity: 3 Body: 3 Roasting: 3 Light brown foam. Strong and intense almond aroma, with a pleasant sweetness. Very dry, not at all sweet, but neither bitter, at hot temperatures. Somewhat bland when very hot. Some almond bitterness emerges during the tasting, along with vanilla and malted cereals notes. Virtually no acidity, mostly covered by the sweet aroma and the feeble bitterness. A light roast, with the inherent coffee flavours mostly covered by the almond flavouring. Overall a light/medium bodied capsule, slightly bitter at the taste and quite sweet at the smell, possessing a feebly acidic aftertaste. A light…

  • Nespresso Advent Calendar 2020 contents

    In case anybody’s wondering what’s inside this year Advent Calendar, the content are 23 capsules, one for each day, as such: Ispirazione Genova Livanto Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio Ispirazione Roma Ispirazione Napoli Ispirazione Venezia Ristretto Ispirazione Palermo Kazaar Ethiopia Colombia Cosi India Volluto Decaf Ristretto Decaf Arpeggio Envivo Fortissio Linizio Vivalto Decaf Vivalto Nicaragua Plus the new Holiday Flavours: Amaretti, Torta di Nocciole and Il Caffé. The advent calendar closes with the 24th gift, 2 pixie espresso cups. Calendar is already available in most countries (but not all).

  • 2020 Festive limited edition sneak peek? Amaretti and Il Caffè

    On the Hong Kong Nespresso’s website have made an appearance these two new pods: Amaretti and Il Caffè. They’re not easily found as they’re not listed along the other pods but are nonetheless present. Both are heavily Italian-inspired, with the Amaretti being a flavoured capsule and Il Caffé using Robusta from Vietnam, a common origin for Italian espresso blends. No confirmation on whether these will be the festive limited edition of this year or not, nor when they’ll be available in all Nespresso markets. [UPDATE]: there’s a third one, Torta di Nocciole, for which we haven’t found much info at all but should be an hazelnut-flavoured capsule. The whole 3…

  • Aged Sumatra available also in the US

    For those curious about trying this aged coffee from Indonesia, the capsule is available in the US market too now. We recently reviewed it here, go read our impressions of this limited edition.