• Tokyo Vivalto Lungo

    Tokyo Vivalto Lungo Review

    The new 2021 version, inspired by Tokyo and Japan coffee culture, of the classic Vivalto Lungo capsule. Very light brown crema, nearly white. Thick and decidedly bubbly. A coffee with a clear aroma of cereals and flowers, with jasmine being the prevalent one. Medium-low intensity, with a thin body. A delicate floral-based blend, with a basic bitterness and acidity at high temperatures. A pleasing roastiness element comes up as the coffee cools down. Barely bitter overall, with a slightly more pronounced acidity, sign of a light-medium roasting and Arabica beans. Cereals, perhaps some biscuits, flavors on one side pairs well with the mellow floral flavors on the other side. A…

  • Nespresso World Explorations new series

    In related news to the rebranding of the Lungo capsules, they will make part of a new series, called “World Explorations”, that is inspired by various cities around the world. There will be a total of 6 capsules in this new collection, namely: Tokyo Vivalto Lungo: the new Vivalto Lungo Vienna Linizio Lungo: the new Linizio Lungo Stockholm Fortissio Lungo: the new Fortissio Lungo Cape Town Envivo Lungo: the new Envivo Lungo Buenos Aires Lungo: a popcorn-like aroma for a mild capsule inspired to Buenos Aires Shanghai Lungo: an Arabica blend from China Most probably the old capsules that are being rebranded will have a different taste profile too, as…

  • Rebranding coming for the Lungo capsules

    Rumors have it that a new rebranding is coming for some capsules. This time, for the Lungo ones, Envivo, Fortissio, Vivalto and Linizio. They should be called: Cape Town Envivo Lungo Stockholm Fortissio Lungo Vienna Linizio Lungo Tokyo Vivalto Lungo Thus following the same mold of the Ispirazione Italiana, each of these capsules should become “inspired” by the cities in the name. The capsules will have a slightly different look, keeping only the same color as before. Update: the rebranding will also involve changing the taste profile of the capsules.

  • Nespresso Vivalto Lungo

    Vivalto Lungo Review

    Brown foam. Intense, sweet and malty aroma. Hints of hazelnuts and a feeble roastiness are also present. Light bodied coffee, clearly not an intense pod. Mostly dry with a pleasant bitterness that borders sourness but never truly reaches it. Highly probable that most of the aromatic profile of Vivalto Lungo comes from the dark roasted, arguably, South American beans in it. At low temperatures a very vague acidity can be discerned, along with floral undertones. These are most probably thanks to the Ethiopian beans. Overall the taste profile is markedly malty and cereals-like, with a subtle sweetness. A gentle pod for a lungo-sized coffee, that becomes way more intense and…