Caffe Borbone Gold Blend

Caffé Borbone Gold Blend Review

One of the blends of the south Italy company headquartered in Naples.

Dark brown foam. Typically roasted aroma, with strong hints of acidity from the Arabica beans. Milk-based acidity flanked with notes of cereals and nuts make the major parts of the aroma.

Definitely an heavy-bodied coffee, with a thick crema and lots of roasted notes in the aftertaste. A Robusta-leaning pod, but only slightly. Caffeine content should accordingly be high.

A vivacious acidity is present since the first sips. Milky, nearly yogurt-like, acidity. It is accompanied but not overcome by a strong bitterness in which cocoa powder and nuts are the main components. A bit of rubberness can be felt more than tasted.

Long lasting crema. A nearly equal mix of Robusta and Arabica beans, making it a double-faced cup of coffee. Intense and certainly not lacking notes’ strength, only complexity. A coffee that can work great with generous amounts of milk, for intense coffee drinks or bold espressos.

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