Nespresso Guide


Who are we?

A, small, group of coffee aficionados, and especially espresso-lovers. Grown up in Europe and used to dark roasts and the espresso culture, most of our coffee growing up were had with a moka pot at home or an espresso machine outside.

Just a couple of years ago we fell in love with a Nespresso machine and the vast choice of coffees it offers and since them there’s no one day without a good cup of Nespresso coffee.

This guide was born out of the lack of a proper one available on the internet. Many prefer to limit to copying the official description of coffee from Nespresso directly or have a very generic one. Plus, if you want to get the latest news on Nespresso you have to rely on the official website/app. We would like to provide our take on what’s going on in the Nespresso world, striving to give the most accurate reviews of each Nespresso capsule we can try.

Disclosure: We may earn commission at no cost to you from some links on this website. However, the content, opinions and analysis are 100% objective and editorial objectivity is our priority.

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