Miami Espresso

Miami Espresso Review

  • Origin: a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans, of unknown origin.
  • Intensity: 9
  • Body: 4
  • Roasting: 5
  • Acidity: 1
  • Bitterness: 4

A limited edition pod inspired by the Miami’s coffee tradition, belonging to the World Explorations line.

Brown foam. Quite intense aroma, easily noticeable from afar. Sweetness in it, like of caramel, and tobacco-like notes.

At first sip of this capsule it is dry and intensely bitter. Acidity is noticeable only in the aftertaste, and it is of no large amount. Medium-heavy body. Clearly an intense coffee but not excessively so, nothing overwhelming. The ratio of Robusta to Arabica beans in this pod is probably lower than the stronger ones from Nespresso, like Ispirazione Napoli.

Long lasting crema, very foamy. Main flavors in Miami Espresso are cereals and tobacco, with a lingering aftertaste of both. Bitterness remains in the mouth more than acidity, and completely overcomes it at lower temperatures. Vague bell pepper undertones.

Definitely a coffee pod to be drank short, as an espresso or ristretto, where the concentration of its elements can enhance its taste profile. Miami Espresso would easily work good as an iced coffee as well. Great as a cappuccino or a macchiato, if you like them with an intenser coffee taste than usual.

An overall intense coffee pod, perfect as espresso, for the moments when you want a kick of caffeine but not being overwhelmed by a too powerful coffee taste. A more versatile pod than could be expected from its description.

Miami Espresso package
Miami Espresso package

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