Caffè Vergnano Arabica review

  • Origin: Central and South America Arabica and Robusta coffee
  • Intensity: 3/5
  • Body: 4/5
  • Roasting: medium
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Light brown foam. Nicely roasted aroma, somewhat woody and floral.

At first taste, a medium-bodied cup with a good mix of bitterness and acidity. Acidity isn’t particularly bright nor pungent but more delicate.

Overall woody, slightly herbal and a small component of sweetness are the prevailing notes. Medium intensity for a probably medium roast.

Vague floral undertones, mostly overcome by the woodiness and Robusta’s characteristics. A solid capsule for medium intensity espresso lovers.

Caffé Vergnano Arabica package
Caffé Vergnano Arabica package. Courtesy of Caffé Vergnano

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