Caffé Vergnano Cremoso

Caffè Vergnano Cremoso review

Light brown foam. Moderately sweet, hazelnut’s aroma. The crema is persisting and thick, as you’d expect from a “cremoso” (creamy in italian) blend.

Dry and slightly bitter at first. A medium-dark roast. Somewhat spicey, hints of a not too dark chocolate tablet can be noticed along with a peppery flavour.

A bit of a salty aftertaste, barely present. Cup is leaning towards an heavy body with a very soft, creamy feel. Low acidity in general, gently stepping up at lower temperatures.

An overall smooth and richly creamy cup of coffee, which maintains a dark, intense aspect.

Caffé Vergnano Cremoso package
Caffé Vergnano Cremoso package. Courtesy of Caffé Vergnano

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