Nespresso Nordic Black

Nordic Black review

  • Origin: a blend of African and South American coffee
  • Intensity: 5
  • Bitterness: 1
  • Acidity: 2
  • Body: 2
  • Roasting: 2

A Nordic Variations Limited Edition from 2019.

Brown foam. A mix of fruits and cereals aroma.

Fruity and acidic at the taste, more so at lower temperatures. A markedly dry cup. Quite low intensity, even less than the 5 Nespresso officially gives to it. Little to no bitterness.

A pungent, fruity, light cup for an easy drink experience. Crema is inconsistent.

To be drank as a lungo but for more punch an espresso/ristretto would be to us the sweet spot between the flavors and character.

Nordic Black package
Nordic Black package

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