Lavazza Espresso Maestro Ristretto

Lavazza Espresso Maestro Ristretto review

  • Origin: Arabica and Robusta beans from Central-South America, Asia, and Africa
  • Intensity: 12/13

Dark brown foam. Intense aroma of chocolate, as of a high cocoa chocolate bar. A bit of nutty as well. The aroma that you would expect from a very dark roasted coffee.

Rather bitter at the taste, with subtle acidity. Medium-heavy bodied. A quite creamy cup of coffee. Intensity is on the high side, comparable to the most intense official Nespresso pods like Napoli or Kazaar.

Throughout the tasting experience the chocolate notes are the strongest but cereals and pepper notes are also present. The intense creaminess of this pod makes it feel like it is a coffee with a splash of milk in it.

An intense pod, with notes typical of an Italian espresso roast. Even better as a ristretto, and strong enough to punch through any amount of milk or sweetener. Great choice for the first cup of the day due to its intensity and permeating aroma.

Lavazza Espresso Maestro Ristretto package
Lavazza Espresso Maestro Ristretto package

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