Festive Black Espresso Review

  • Origin: Arabica beans from Honduras, Uganda and “beyond”
  • Bitterness: 3
  • Acidity: 2
  • Roastiness: 3
  • Body: 3

A 2023 festive limited edition pod.

Brown foam. Aroma full of spices, a bit sweet, with noticeable woody notes. Roasting notes are also present but not prominent.

A pod with a good body, dry and bitter at the taste. Acidity is present but the, relatively high, sweetness overcomes it. It is not as sweet as some flavored coffee from Nespresso, but it is a on the high side of sweetness among unflavored ones.

With medium-high intensity, mainly bitter but possessing a good warmth in its taste profile that makes it easy to drink, less harsh. Good, long lasting crema.

A very woody pod overall. The notes of spices enrich it, avoiding the coffee to taste “dull” or too woody. There is an underlying jam-quality in the sweetness that increases its warmth.

Overall not a complex taste profile but a welcoming, easy to drink one for a rather medium-dark roast blend of beans. It works great as a macchiato, with just a splash of milk, or as an espresso, preferably unsweetened. A pod ideal for cold winter days, to warm one up thanks to its mouthfeel that has lots of “warmness”.

Festive Black Espresso package
Festive Black Espresso package

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