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    How to use Nespresso compatible pods

    Nespresso compatible pods are all those capsules that are sold by 3rd party companies and work with most (maybe all) Nespresso original line machines. These aren’t official capsules produced by Nespresso, and in the past they were subject to a series of problems, not the last being capable of breaking your Nespresso machine. Those were the early days, and luckily those issues aren’t common today. We said that these compatible pods should work with most, perhaps all, Nespresso machines. The vast majority of Nespresso compatible pods will indeed work flawlessly with your machine, as with any other. Not all these capsules have the same shape or material, and that influences…

  • Oquendo Furore

    Oquendo Furore review

    Intensity: 8/10 Body: 6/10 Bitterness: 6/10 Acidity: 4/10 Order: Buy Oquendo Furore on Oquendo shop A Nespresso compatible and compostable capsule from the Asturian company. Light brown foam. Hazelnuts and delicately roasted aroma. Decidedly a dark roast, with a strong dark cocoa bitterness immediately noticeable, overwhelming all other flavors. Persisting crema, full body, with a syrupy mouthfeel. A feeble acidity can be discerned amid the general bitterness. It is a capsule though that never feels burnt but flavors are unidirectional: cocoa, hazelnuts and hints of molasses for a fully dark experience. An intense blend that would work even better as a latte or cappuccino than just black.

  • Thoughts

    Are pods good for the environment?

    A very interesting article on Wired about what impact have the various pods on the environment, plastic, aluminium and compostable ones. Comparing them with the older methods of brewing coffee like a moka pot or a pour over, turns out that the energy needed to brew a single cup of coffee with a coffee machine using pods, like any Nespresso ones, is inferior or very close to the other methods that produce less waste in materials but require more coffee (and thus more energy to harvest, roast and ship it) and energy to give you a cup of coffee. That sheds a different light on the much criticized coffee pods…