• Nespresso Cocoa Truffle

    Cocoa Truffle review

    Brown foam. Definite smell of cocoa. More acidic at first taste than one’d expect, with of course the cocoa flavor being the dominant one. Acidity subsides at lower temperatures. Medium bodied. Overall much lower cocoa tones than in the old Ciocattino, making for a balanced cup. Inconsistent crema. Perhaps the medium roasting didn’t marry well with the flavoring. Whereas Ciocattino was resembling of a dark chocolate bar, this is like the cocoa powder of a truffle, indeed, or of that over a tiramisù. A different flavoring, definitely.

  • Nespresso Ciocattino

    Ciocattino Review

    Light brown foam. A scent of cocoa, dry, not like in a hot chocolate, is immediately felt. Peculiar and strong. Some sweetness, like of cocoa butter, in the aroma as well. Pretty thin as a coffee, dry and with an aromatic aftertaste. A light-bodied pod. Bitterness wins over sweetness and acidity but all are on the weak side, neither being particularly noticeable. Sweetness in particular is nearly absent, and acidity quite low. The taste profile is akin to a dark, bitter, chocolate bar. A bit of black pepper flavor in the aftertaste, along with undertones of licorice. Decidedly a dark cup of coffee but not overtly bitter nor much intensity.…