Are you affiliated with any coffee company?

No, we are independent reviewers and coffee lovers. We drink all types of coffee, made with plenty of different systems. We enjoy the Nespresso Original Line capsules because that’s what made us first fall in love with the different flavours and aspects of coffee.

NespressoGuide is not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by Nespresso. Nespresso® is a registered trademark of Societe des Produits Nestlé S.A.

How are the reviews done?

We drink the capsule in the cup size recommended by Nespresso first. If it is a Lungo, we will drink like this and same for Espressos. We don’t drink Ristrettos, unless it is the only cup size officially recommended by Nespresso. We add no sugar or any other flavouring at first, so the review reflects exactly the taste of the coffee. Afterwards, it is tried in different formats and with sugar and/or milk, in order to know if that capsule works better or worse not straight black.

If the capsule is specifically thought to drink with milk, water or any other added liquid, we will review in both ways, straight black and as recommended by Nespresso itself.

However, we are not coffee trade professionals or trained tasters, nor we ever claim it to be. Our reviews are to be taken as coming from passionate coffee lovers, aiming to express what a coffee can taste like from the point of view of a moderately expert drinker. Professionals will inevitably find more nuances, more subtle flavours in the same coffee than us, and we do respect their opinions. We prefer to use a simpler language and highlight what the average coffee drinker can feel, more than a thorough list of aromas and flavours.

Why not rating the capsules?

We are wary of claiming a coffee is “better” or “worse” than another. Most of what one can appreciate in a coffee is subjective. What you may love can be hated by somebody else.

We thus don’t find it appropriate to claim any capsule reviewed here is better than any other. We expect the readers to form themselves a personal taste and through the words in the reviews know what is for them or not. Then they can decide what capsule is “better”.

Are you going to review Nespresso-compatible capsules?

Definitely. We have been reviewing quite a few already. We are focusing on the Nespresso Original line, but as more and more compatible capsules are popping up in stores, we will try to review them too. Mostly it depends on availability, as many brands are available in few countries only and it is difficult to acquire them elsewhere.

Do you go to coffee shops/cafes?

All the time, yes. We do support local cafes over big chains like Starbucks and Costa, but from time to time we also enjoy those.

What kind of coffee do you prefer?

We tend to like darker roasts, contrarily to modern trends. Most professionals would appreciate a sweet, acidic and fruity/floral coffee more than a moderately bitter, not acidic and chocolate/smoky one. That’s fine, of course. To each his/her own. We believe that considering a bitter coffee “worse” than an acidic one, in principle, is wrong, and try to find the best of both extremes. To us coffee has to be developed and rich in flavours, whether they are light and acidic or strong and bitter it is a pure matter of taste.