• CRU Kafe Organic Dark Roast

    CRU Kafe Organic Dark Roast review

    A multi-origin blend from CRU Kafe. Dark roasted, organic, Fairtrade and coming in 100% aluminum capsules. Brown foam. Malty and biscuit aroma, of a quite dark type. Sort of like an unsweetened toast. Medium body. Low acidity, as you’d expect from a dark roast. Bitterness prevails, with a pungent, nutty, aftertaste that is especially strong at lower temperatures. A coffee that leaves your mouth with its flavor even minutes after finished drinking it. Chocolate notes can be throughout the tasting felt, of a very, 90% cocoa content, kind. Good intensity.

  • CRU Kafe Organic Espresso

    CRU Kafe Organic Espresso review

    A multi-origin blend of Indian Badra coffee, mixed with Honduras and Ethiopian beans. Organic, Fairtrade and 100% aluminum capsules. Brown foam. Malty aroma is predominant, quite strong. The aroma is alike a typical European café, dark and strong. Quite bitter at tasting, but also with quite a lot of acidity (from the Ethiopian beans perhaps?). Cocoa notes prevail, not of the dark cocoa kind but something more along the lines of a chocolate with milk. Mixed with the malt flavor it makes for a strong, intense cup but not overwhelmingly so. Crema is long-lasting. Overall a dark, medium-bodied cup, similar to one coming out of an Italian moka pot.

  • CRU Kafe Organic Light Roast

    CRU Kafe Organic Light Roast review

    The very first blend created by CRU Kafe, Organic Light Roast is a multi-origin Peru, Indonesia and Ethiopia blend. Fully organic, Fairtrade and capsules are 100% aluminum. Light brown foam. Sweet and tea-like aroma. Somewhat acidic, but very lightly so. A tad of bitterness, subtle. chocolate-like, can be immediately discerned. A light-bodied cup, as light as a black tea would be. Acidity assumes a citrusy taste at lower temperatures. Floral notes pop up here and there throughout the tasting. Overall a light, smooth experience, with tea-like qualities and citrus and floral notes as the prevailing aspects.

  • Reference

    Table of coffee origins – Africa

    Country/Region Denomination Notes Egypt Egypt (general) Usually from the upper Nile regions. They have some Mocha characteristics Sudan Nubian Heavy body, rich flavour Berber Superior coffee Eritrea Abyssinian Ethiopia Ethiopia (general) Quite diverse, from citrus, bergamot, and florals through to candied and tropical fruits. Elegant and complex Abyssinian Benadir Sidamo Well balanced, with berries and citrus notes Yirgachefe Citrusy and floral Guji  Limu Limu Djimmah Ghimbi Lekempti Low acidity, balanced, fruity Harar Harar The original Mocha longberry, excellent flavour but not so delicate as Mocha Kaffa Kaffa Groundy flavour Kenya Kenya (general) Having Mysore from India characteristics with a touch of Mocha. Full bodied and rich, strong, flavour with a…