Nespresso Colombia

Colombia review

Brown foam. Not a coffee with an intense aroma. Nutty and fruity notes converge into the Colombia’s aroma. A vague sweetness mixed with light acidity, sort of like a sweet red wine, can be smelled too.

Quite sweeter and acidic at the taste. Medium bodied, with a weak crema.

Lots of red berries’ acidity in the aftertaste, whereas the juicy sweetness is present more at the tip of the tongue. Vaguely bitter, acidity is responsible of covering it.

Medium intensity. A pod that is strongly fruity, blackcurrant and red berries’ flavours being the dominant ones. One of the most wine-like capsules from Nespresso, with a mix of acidity, sweetness, clear cut and velvety crema that makes you feel like you are sipping a not too strong red wine.

A relaxing cup of coffee, superb example of the qualities of a Colombian coffee.

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