• Cup with Espresso Crema

    Is Nespresso real crema?

    We have been returning often on the comparison of Nespresso with real espresso. We like to explore the differences between coffee brewing systems, in a fair way. Not like in marketing or such. If you haven’t read our previous explorations on the subject yet, we wrote on how Nespresso and Espresso compare and whether Nespresso is to be considered real espresso. Both are about how Nespresso coffee made with any of the Nespresso machines compares to coffee made with an espresso machine, and whether Nespresso can rightfully be considered as a proper espresso. Both our previous articles were on the scientific/technical aspects that make a good espresso and explored how…

  • Crema on top of coffee

    Nespresso vs Espresso: how do they compare?

    There is a long held debate on whether Nespresso is real espresso or not, and how does the coffee produced by a Nespresso machine compare with what a proper espresso machine can produce. We have chimed in on whether Nespresso constitutes real espresso before, so we won’t repeat ourselves here. You can read our previous article on whether Nespresso is real espresso if you are more interested in that and come back here later. What we are interested in discussing here instead is how actually Nespresso coffee tastes in comparison with an espresso from an espresso machine and other brewing methods. There’s a lot of discussion that is mostly superficial,…

  • Espresso in a glass cup

    Is Nespresso real espresso?

    Nespresso has “espresso” in its name so it’s only logical to compare the output of a Nespresso machine to what an espresso machine can brew. Espresso is a specific coffee drink that has specific characteristics. The most recognizable one being the crema (“foam”) that the coffee creates due to the pressure at which hot water is pushed through the ground coffee. Every Nespresso machine works under the same principles and it is natural to ask: is Nespresso real espresso? Can a Nespresso machine produce an espresso? The debate has going on for years. Coffee snobs have often snubbed Nespresso as not a “real espresso” and producing a subpar crema, if…

  • Thoughts

    On Nespresso coffee not being real espresso

    Coffee snobs and/or aficionados aren’t usually fond of Nespresso capsules for their coffee. Various reasons, more related to taste than actual quality of the coffee involved in our opinion. But that’s not the point we want to make today. Some claim that Nespresso capsules cannot produce a real espresso but something similar, that can’t be called “espresso” though. That involves two different conception of what espresso is: a method of brewing coffee and the result of such a method. In the first case, an espresso machine as can be found in any bar works by pumping hot water through grounded coffee at high pressure. Any Nespresso machine works like this…

  • Espresso Tonic

    First Espresso Tonic

    We’ve had the chance to try an Espresso Tonic as it is becoming more common in town, after having been born a decade ago in Sweden. Very, very few cafes offer it though so it was a pleasurable news discovering on the menu. Anyhow, it was a double espresso poured over roughly 1/3 ice and 1/3 tonic. 2 slices of lemon at the bottom, lightly squeezed beforehand. At the bottom it was too sour, and very much “not coffee”, the top kept a bit of the espresso foam. A very light roast, not fruity but more flowery. Bar had Vergnano coffee as their main blend so it is very possible…