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A Guide to the Positive Effects and Health Benefits of Caffeine

Coffee is a popular beverage worldwide. It’s consumed by several individuals as a morning staple, making it a valuable commodity. Drinking it in moderation can offer many health benefits and positive effects due to its caffeine content. Understanding more about the advantages of consuming coffee can help reveal facts about its beneficial nutrients and antioxidants.

As many of you have repeatedly asked about the content of caffeine in a Nespresso pod, we imagine that most are worried about ingesting too much of it, or curious about the effects of caffeine consumption on your health. Luckily they are mostly positive, and those we will be discussing in this article. As we are not doctors we urge you to check with a professional in case you have doubts or questions.

Here are 14 reasons why drinking coffee and consuming caffeine can be positive for the body:

1. Helps Burn Fat

Studies have shown how caffeine can help boost a person’s metabolic rate by 3 to 11 percent. Speeding up this rate can help the body’s fat-burning process. Adding caffeine to a daily diet can boost fat burning by 10 percent in overweight individuals and close to 30 percent in people with a lean body type. Knowing these stats makes it easy to see why caffeine is used regularly in commercially created fat-burning supplements.

2. Lowers Feelings of Depression

Consuming coffee can help with depression. Several scientific studies have been done showing a significant relationship between lowering rates of depression and coffee consumption. One of the interesting statistics revealed that every additional serving consumed during the day would help decrease depression by approximately 8 percent. Knowing these facts may not be surprising considering the positive impact coffee can have on a person’s energy level and mood.

3. Boosts Physical Performance

Coffee can play a significant role in boosting performance when participating in a sport or exercising due to its caffeine content. Consuming a cup before performing a workout will likely help with recovery. The amount of caffeine needed to increase energy is equivalent to about one or two grande-sized coffees for a person weighing 150 pounds.

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4. Protects Gums and Teeth From Periodontitis

Drinking a hot or cold cup of coffee can also help offer protection from getting periodontal disease. After studying more than 1150 male dental patients, the statistics indicated that coffee consumption can help reduce periodontal bone loss. However, protection for teeth and gums requires coffee to be consumed without adding sweeteners.

As much as it is not a pleasant act, washing your teeth after having your cup of Nespresso is beneficial to protect them.

5. Reduces the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Research has also been completed, showing how coffee can help lower disease progression and the risk of death from cardiovascular disease in the elderly. Individuals consuming 3 to 5 cups each day had the lowest risk of cardiovascular disease. Another review showed how drinking about 4 cups per day is safe and beneficial in reducing mortality from cardiovascular disease. It is essential to note that the study also showed there might be an adverse outcome when more than 4 or 5 cups are consumed, indicating moderate consumption is best to achieve benefits for the heart.

Especially for the strongest pods like Ispirazione Napoli or Kazaar, moderating their consumption is necessary to get the beneficial effects on the heart without the negatives.

6. Contains Several Different Antioxidants

Antioxidants are beneficial for the body in neutralizing free radicals and lowering the odds of getting some diseases. Individuals who want to increase the ingestion of antioxidants will likely want to drink more coffee as this beverage is one of the most significant providers of these compounds. They have been shown to help protect against inflammation and boost immunity levels in individuals, whether a person chooses to consume freshly brewed or instant coffee.

Blueberries are also rich in antioxidants
Blueberries are also rich in antioxidants. Photo by Lisa from Pexels

7. Boosts Productivity

Waking up in the morning can be challenging, which is why many individuals enjoy a cup of coffee to get their minds working correctly for the day. Interestingly, research has been conducted to show a correlation between obtaining a boost in performance and coffee consumption. Ingesting a moderate dose of caffeine can increase attention and alertness. Caffeine plays a significant role in producing this energy boost due to its stimulant effects and psychoactive chemical properties.

8. May Help Lower the Risk of Getting Alzheimer’s Disease

One of the more debilitating afflictions a person can get is Alzheimer’s disease. Its progressive deterioration of a person’s cognitive function and memory can be devastating to the person afflicted and their close family and friends. Although evidence isn’t conclusive in determining if coffee consumption can lower the risk of Alzheimer’s, it has been shown to protect against mental deterioration.

9. May Help Reduce the Risk of Parkinson’s Disease

Second only to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative condition negatively affecting many individuals. It’s caused by the loss of dopamine-generating neurons in the brain. Similar to Alzheimer’s disease, experts in the medical field have not found a cure, making it essential to prevent if possible. Consuming coffee may be an answer as it has been shown to reduce the risk of Parkinson’s by as much as 30 to 60 percent. However, it’s important to note that these advantages must be from caffeine, as decaf drinkers don’t receive the same benefits.

10. Reduces the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Millions of individuals throughout the world have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This disease is characterized by having an elevated blood sugar level, which is caused by the reduced ability of a person’s body to secrete insulin. Research has suggested that individuals who drink coffee are shown to have a reduced risk of getting type 2 diabetes. 

11. Lowering the Risk of Melanoma Skin Cancer

Melanoma skin cancer is often fatal. Unfortunately, rates have been escalating worldwide. Many individuals are aware of the harmful UV rays coming from the sun, causing melanoma skin cancer to occur. However, it’s also been found that coffee can help increase the skin’s UV resistance properties due to the polyphenols found in coffee beans. A couple of reviews have been completed, demonstrating how a higher consumption rate of caffeinated coffee can significantly decrease the chance of getting melanoma.

12. Protecting the Liver

Several conditions can lead to cirrhosis of the liver, including fatty liver disease, hepatitis and several others. When cirrhosis occurs, a person’s liver is primarily replaced by scar tissue, making it more challenging to perform its vital function of cleansing the body of deadly toxins. When this occurs, it can be fatal. Coffee drinkers can help combat this problem by drinking at least four or more cups each day. Doing so has been shown to lower the risk by as much as 80 percent.

13. Helping People Live Longer

Increased longevity has also been shown to be associated with the consumption of coffee. In a study with over 500,000 participants from 10 different countries, participating individuals who were coffee drinkers had a lower all-cause mortality rate. This relationship did not vary between countries. Another study with multiple ethnicities showed a significantly lower risk of death with individuals who regularly consume caffeine or non-caffeinated coffee.

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14. Lowers the Risk of Stroke

Another significant health benefit of drinking coffee is its ability to lower the risk of stroke. A study in Korea with about 145,000 people showed how consuming 3 cups of coffee or more daily can help lower the risk of stroke by nearly 40 percent compared to individuals who don’t drink coffee.

Again, moderation here is key. More and more studies have shown benefits of drinking coffee for the heart and cardiovascular system but only when having a few cups per day. Nespresso’s Original line pods are geared towards making espresso and ristretto-sized cups and that will help keeping your consumption within the proper range for the most health benefits.

Summing It Up

While coffee can be enjoyed for its taste and the boost of energy it provides, it’s good to know there are also a significant number of health benefits for anyone who likes to drink a cup or more periodically. 

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