• Rio De Janeiro Espresso

    Rio de Janeiro Espresso Review

    A limited edition pod inspired by the coffee culture of Rio de Janeiro. Another capsule belonging to the World Explorations line. Light brown foam. Intense aroma of roasted coffee, walnuts and a bit of cocoa. Some light sweetness can be discerned. At the taste it is heavy-boded, with the bitterness prevailing over a gentle sweetness and a touch of acidity. Dry aftertaste. The bitterness has the feeling of enveloping the palate, totally, for a fair amount of time. The taste profile is dominated by hazelnuts and walnuts flavors, with accompanying herbal qualities. It is a pod that can be described as an herbal tea mixed with a strongly roasted, typically…

  • New World Explorations pods coming: Paris, Rio de Janeiro and Istanbul

    On the Malayan Nespresso website three new pods appeared, as can be seen at these links: Paris Espresso Istanbul Espresso Rio de Janeiro Espresso As with the recent Miami Espresso, these seems to be limited edition pods in the World Explorations line, inspired by the coffee culture of the relative named cities. All are meant to be brewed as an espresso. Given that the name is different but, more importantly, the taste profile is as well, we don’t believe that neither Paris Espresso is Paris Black nor that Istanbul Espresso is Cafe Istanbul. They both seem different. Rio de Janeiro Espresso is instead quite close to Cafezinho do Brasil. Probably…

  • Cafezinho do Brasil is available in the US

    Already present in many markets since a few weeks, Cafezinho do Brasil is available in the US as well as of today. The intense and richly roasted pod that embodies the Brazilian coffee is now accessible in plenty of countries worldwide. You can read our full review of Cafezinho do Brasil here.

  • Cafezinho do Brasil is returning

    Those who loved the all-Brazilian capsule of a couple of years ago will rejoice knowing that it is making a comeback. We have no definite dates but the capsule is popping up here and there in some markets (Hungary and Italy, among others). It probably will be available by May at the latest in most European markets. No news on whether it will come back to the US as well so far. If you don’t know how Cafezinho do Brasil tastes, you can read our original review.

  • Nespresso Cafezinho do Brasil

    Cafezinho do Brasil Review

    A 2019 Limited Edition. Re-issued in 2021. Dark brown foam. Intensely roasty, nutty aroma, with notes of spices and a weak sweetness. A classical, European espresso smell. Darkly roasted, with plenty of bitterness but still conserving some of the original acidity. Quite an intense pod, medium/heavy bodied. At low temperatures sweetness and acidity are more noticeable but it is a capsule that remains on the dark, bitter side of the coffee spectrum. Very persisting crema. Tasting notes of cocoa powder, nuts, specifically hazelnuts and cashews, accompany the general bitterness. A typical Brazilian coffee as it has been brewed across European cafes for centuries. An entry among the most intense of…

  • Cafezinho do Brasil screenshot

    Cafezinho do Brasil is back in EU

    No confirmation yet of other countries’ availability dates but it is highly probably that it will be around September for North America market at least.