Nespresso Freddo Intenso

Freddo Intenso review

Light brown foam. Malty aroma, with a noticeable roastiness highlighting it.

A dark roast with prominent bitterness throughout the tasting experience. Dark cocoa and malted cereals are the most prominent notes, with a persistent aftertaste of both. An heavy cup, that works quite well as a french-italian espresso substitute. Woody notes start to be noticeable at lower temperatures.

As a cold coffee, the roastiness is more pleasant, with less of the bitter aspects of it. A persistent aftertaste, half acidic and roasty. Malted cereals are more prominent as a cold drink than dark cocoa.

A smooth, intense, bold, capsule, that is perfect cold but extremely valid drunk hot as well.

Freddo Intenso package
Freddo Intenso package

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