• Caffé Vergnano Napoli

    Caffè Vergnano Napoli review

    Dark brown foam. Very tall crema, probably the tallest of all capsules reviewed so far. Profoundly roasted aroma, with caramel and spicy hints. At first taste the cup is dry and virtually devoid of any acidity. Contrary to the impression that the color of the coffee could give, a medium-heavy bodied cup instead of a fuller bodied one. Not much sweetness either, again, against the first impression given by the aroma. Overall dry and somewhat bitter but not overwhelmingly so. An intense cup, with a very persisting crema, for a dark experience.

  • Caffè Vergnano Lungo Intenso

    Caffè Vergnano Lungo Intenso review

    Light brown foam. Cereals, malted, and milk chocolate aroma, with a distinct gentleness and sweetness. A dry, light-medium bodied cup. Somewhat sweet, with a moderate intensity. Tones of cereals and malt are the most prominent ones, with a feeble acidity underlining them. Probably a light roasted blend. Long lasting crema. A gentle cup of coffee to be drunk as a lungo and brewed not too hot, as the flavors would otherwise succumb to the temperature. Slight chocolate aftertaste.

  • Caffe Vergnano Intenso

    Caffé Vergnano Intenso review

    Dark brown foam. Spicy smell mixed with a gently roasted aroma permeate the room after brewing this capsule. Lightly dry and acidic at first, with subtle undertones of green fruits, like apples or pears. A medium-heavy bodied cup with a thick and persistent crema. Good intensity, slightly sweet and not at all bitter. At lower temperatures, a dark chocolate flavor comes to dominate the tasting experience, with almonds and a fruity acidity like apples’ accompanying it. Overall an intense and complex cup of coffee, that has enough subtleness to intrigue even the most expert coffee drinkers.

  • Caffè Vergnano Decaf

    Caffè Vergnano Decaf review

    Dark brown foam. Malty, sweet and delicately roasty aroma. At first taste somewhat acidic with a pleasurable tinge of bitterness, like cocoa powder. Some woodiness. A medium bodied cup with a weak crema. Slightly acidic aftertaste. Overall a quite balanced blend, with sandalwood and chocolate flavors dominating and an average acidity, neither very fruity nor pungent. Medium intensity too for a coffee mostly for quiet moments when there’s time to sip it slowly.

  • Caffé Vergnano Cremoso

    Caffè Vergnano Cremoso review

    Light brown foam. Moderately sweet, hazelnut’s aroma. The crema is persisting and thick, as you’d expect from a “cremoso” (creamy in Italian) blend. Dry and slightly bitter at first. A medium-dark roast. Somewhat spicy, hints of a not too dark chocolate tablet can be noticed along with a peppery flavor. A bit of a salty aftertaste, barely present. Cup is leaning towards an heavy body with a very soft, creamy feel. Low acidity in general, gently stepping up at lower temperatures. An overall smooth and richly creamy cup of coffee, which maintains a dark, intense aspect.

  • Caffe Vergnano Arabica

    Caffè Vergnano Arabica review

    Light brown foam. Nicely roasted aroma, somewhat woody and floral. At first taste, a medium-bodied cup with a good mix of bitterness and acidity. Acidity isn’t particularly bright nor pungent but more delicate. Overall woody, slightly herbal and a small component of sweetness are the prevailing notes. Medium intensity for a probably medium roast. Vague floral undertones, mostly overcome by the woodiness and Robusta’s characteristics. A solid capsule for medium intensity espresso lovers.

  • Caffe Vergnano Bio

    Caffè Vergnano Bio review

    Brown foam. Pleasurable roasted aroma with some sweetness. Medium body, dark roast. Bitterness prevails overall, especially when coffee is very hot. Subtle fruity sweetness, like of apples’, and a pungent cocoa undertone are the main flavors present. Persistent crema. Silky mouthfeel, no specific aftertastes (actually pretty low on aftertaste in general). A capsule that is very balanced, that doesn’t lean towards any flavor and possessing nearly no acidity. A well-round cup of coffee, with medium intensity, for the moments when neither a light nor a strong coffee is needed.