Hayman Jamaica Blue Mountain

Hayman Jamaica Blue Mountain review

One of the most renowned coffee in the world, as reviewed on top speciality coffee guides as Coffee Detective, Caffeine Informer and Coffee Review. Hayman’s Jamaica Blue Mountain comes from the Mavis Bank in Jamaica, 100% Arabica.

Light brown foam. Sweet aroma, caramel predominant. Velvety crema. Some earthy tones can be smelled.

At first sip, medium dry, acidic, light bodied. The aroma would have suggested a medium roast but the body a lighter one instead. Persistent aftertaste of herbs.

At lower temperatures the acidity becomes more pronounced but it’s never unbalanced, always pleasurable. No bitterness. Some chocolate notes and caramel can be noticed amid the general bright acidity.

With sugar the caramel notes come forth and became the prevailing flavour.

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