Green Caffe Nero Decaffeinated

Green Caffè Nero Decaffeinated Review

  • Roast: medium Italian
  • Strength: 7

The classic Green Caffè Nero blend in the decaffeinated version.

Brown foam. Intensely roasted smell hinting at medium/dark roasted beans. Traces of cocoa and bell peppers can be smelled in the aroma.

Good acidity overall, with a generous amount of bitterness. Medium-heavy body, quite velvety mouthfeel, and a thick crema that is unfortunately short-lived.

A gentle sweetness comes up at lower temperatures, making this pod easily drinkable black or unsweetened.

Dark chocolate notes dominate the taste profile, leaving to be notice only a vague caramel flavor and some mushy, earthy, undertones.

Overall a very balanced, on the dark-roasted side, cup of coffee. An easier drinking experience than it could have maybe expected at the beginning, with acidity and bitterness blending well together. Neither prevail nor any flavor is overwhelmingly strong, contributing to the drink-ability of this pod.

Green Caffe Nero Decaffeinated package
Green Caffe Nero Decaffeinated package

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