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    Nespresso machines history

    Nespresso machines of today come with plenty of features, a modern design and a simplicity of use that is the trademark of the Nespresso brand. And indeed, more than 30 years ago when the first Nespresso machine was released, the aim was to allow anyone to create a great espresso without having barista’s skills. Since 1986, when the very first Nespresso machine was launched, a not very good looking C100, the efforts at recreating the bar’s quality espressos at home have made Nespresso both popular among coffee drinkers and worldwide leader in the single serve pods market. The history of Nespresso’s machines is an history of achieving the right compromise…

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    Are all the Nespresso machines the same?

    Perhaps the most common question when thinking about what machine to buy is if there’s any difference in quality of the coffee among the various Nespresso machines. Simply put, no, there’s none. If you were worried of buying a machine that produced “bad coffee” rest assured you can’t. Let’s see why. The underneath brewing system of both the Original and Vertuo lines is patented by Nespresso and is identical to every machine of the same line (the Original’s patent expired though). The very idea that gave birth to Nespresso is to be able to brew the same exact cup of coffee each time, no matter the machine you use, so…

  • Nespresso x Chiara Ferragni collection details

    Now that the whole range of customized products is out and plenty of you asked more about it, let’s see in more detail what these actually are. There are two machines in the branded collection: one is a recent Nespresso Vertuo Next, personalized with a pink top and the eye that is the symbol of any Chiara Ferragni’s collection, not just for Nespresso. There’s no indication that this machine is any different from a non-customized one outside of the design, and we would be very surprised if it would. The other is for the Original line, a compact Essenza Mini. The choice here is not casual as this little machine…

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    How to choose the best Nespresso machine

    Those looking for a new or their first Nespresso machine would understandably try to purchase the best Nespresso machine possible. Clear. Yet in the world of Nespresso machines it is harder to establish which is the “best machine”, even among machines sharing the same name but a different producer. There are multiple reasons as to why this. Before getting into these, we would like to provide a basic guide on how to choose the best Nespresso machine for your needs. What are the factors that should make you decide for a machine instead of another? What to consider when shopping for the “best” Nespresso machine? What should be taken into…

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    Is Nespresso real espresso?

    Nespresso has “espresso” in its name so it’s only logical to compare the output of a Nespresso machine to what an espresso machine can brew. Espresso is a specific coffee drink that has specific characteristics. The most recognizable one being the crema (“foam”) that the coffee creates due to the pressure at which hot water is pushed through the ground coffee. Every Nespresso machine works under the same principles and it is natural to ask: is Nespresso real espresso? Can a Nespresso machine produce an espresso? The debate has going on for years. Coffee snobs have often snubbed Nespresso as not a “real espresso” and producing a subpar crema, if…

  • Nespresso Black Friday deals

    Check your local Nespresso website or your Nespresso app for Black Friday deals this week. We’re noticing anything from 30-70% off from machines and accessories depending on the region, with some offers giving free coffee sleeves with the purchase of an Aeroccino or machines.

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    On Nespresso coffee not being real espresso

    Coffee snobs and/or aficionados aren’t usually fond of Nespresso capsules for their coffee. Various reasons, more related to taste than actual quality of the coffee involved in our opinion. But that’s not the point we want to make today. Some claim that Nespresso capsules cannot produce a real espresso but something similar, that can’t be called “espresso” though. That involves two different conception of what espresso is: a method of brewing coffee and the result of such a method. In the first case, an espresso machine as can be found in any bar works by pumping hot water through grounded coffee at high pressure. Any Nespresso machine works like this…