Italia Torta di Nocciole

Italia Torta di Nocciole review

  • Origin: Bourbon Arabica from Brazil and Arabica from Colombia
  • Bitterness: 3
  • Acidity: 3
  • Body: 3
  • Roasting: 3

Light brown foam. Cereals, almonds and nutty aroma, intense and very sweet overall.

At the first taste it’s an extremely dry cup when hot. Somewhat of a bitter aftertaste, very heavily leaning towards hazelnuts and walnuts. Thick crema, medium body.

The tasting experience is much less sweet than the aroma, quite balanced instead between bitterness and sweetness. The roasted flavour, a bit salty in the aftertaste, covers most of the other flavours, among which the primary ones are hazelnuts, vanilla, walnuts and cereals.

No acidity at all at high temperatures, only noticeable at medium-low ones. Bluberries-like acidity. The crema is long lasting.

A medium roasted, intense and deliciously smelling capsule.

Italia Torta di Nocciole package
Italia Torta di Nocciole package

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