Italia Il Caffé

Il Caffé Review

  • Origin: washed Robusta from Vietnam and Indonesia, with a touch of washed Arabica from Colombia.
  • Intensity: 13
  • Bitterness: 5
  • Acidity: 1
  • Body: 4
  • Roasting: 5

Brown foam. Malted cereals, intense, aroma. Deliciously roasted smell, with sweet notes.

Dry at the first taste, with a thick, velvety, crema that fills the aftertaste completely. Once the crema subsides, a spicy, peppery, bitterness prevails in the aftertaste.

Very intense, a full-bodied cup. Primarily bitter, due to the dark roasted Robusta. Acidity is very weak, barely present. The Arabica component of Il Caffé isn’t enough to make some acidity noticeable, covered by the Robusta’s flavors. Some pepper, hazelnuts, toasted cereals and bitter cocoa powder are the main flavors of this capsule.

An extreme experience, intense, strong and full-bodied, typically found in many espressos drank in Italian cafes. Definitely not a capsule for those unaccustomed to drink black coffee. An extreme blend, for people who don’t like compromises.

Italia Il Caffé package
Italia Il Caffé package

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