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Barista Chiaro review

Origin: A blend of Arabica coffee from Kenya and Indonesia Intensity: 5 Buy: Order Barista Chiaro capsules A 2017-2019 Barista Limited Edition. Light brown foam. Weak aroma, slightly sweet. Very light bodied, nearly watery, with no bitterness whatsoever nor any acidity, especially when hotter. Intensity is claimed to be 5 but feels like a 2. […]

Cafezinho do Brasil review

Origin: Arabica Cerrado coffee from the Minais Gerais and Espirito Santo regions with Bourbon from Carmo de Minas and Po├žos de Caldas Intensity: 9 Order: Buy Cafezinho do Brasil capsules A 2019 Limited Edition. Light brown foam. Pretty strong aroma, of a nutty quality. Moderately intense at first and quite bitter. Somewhat spicy. A dark […]

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