Nespresso Advent Calendar 2022 preview

As spotted here, a series of images showing this year’s Advent Calendars from Nespresso. We use the plural because the calendar will come in three colors, crema, bordeaux, and dark blue. This year’s calendars will be a collaboration of Nespresso with Pierre Hermé, a French pastry chef and chocolatier. That matches, color-wise, the previously shared here limited editions for this holiday season: a hazelnut, a raspberry, and a generic black coffee.

Considering what Pierre Hermé is, it is not unconceivable to think that the Christmas’ flavors will be heavily inspired not just by the ingredients of cakes of the French chef, but of some of his actual complete creations. We will know for certain only when Nespresso officially announces the new festive limited editions for 2022.

Back to the advent calendars; they will be available for both Vertuo and Original lines. Ambassadors and Experts will have a 20% off. No official date yet for their release though.

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