Nespresso to introduce paper-based compostable pods

Announced on the official LinkedIn page of the company a few days ago, the new capsules will be fully compostable, based on compressed paper. Nespresso CEO Guillaume Le Cunff claim that a big chunk of Nespresso’s customers is not aware of the possibility of recycling the existing aluminum pods and would be more inclined to compost the paper-based ones. It is not planned to fully get rid of the aluminum pods though, only to give consumers a second choice.

Personally we welcome any attempt to reduce waste by Nespresso. While compostable pods are not biodegradable, and can’t be expected to just dissolve in the trashcan, at least they don’t need to be specifically recycled to not end up for decades in a landfill. We also found that the compatible compostable pods we tired showed no issue with our machines, which would mean even less chance of problems being now also officially produced by Nespresso.

No info on a possible price difference with the existing pods from Nespresso. The new compostable pods will be trialed in Switzerland and France at first, with subsequent markets to be announced later.

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