• Forest Almond Flavour

    Forest Almond Flavour Review

    A 2021 festive limited edition, almond flavoured. Light brown foam. Very almond-filled aroma, sweet and moderately intense. A bit of vanilla undertones in it. Hard to take it as a classic coffee smell, though, but generally agreeable. Dry and light-bodied, less sweet in taste compared to the aroma. Delicate notes of roastiness, with a slight saltiness that concentrates in the aftertaste. The almond flavoring is dominating this pod’s taste profile. Vague tones of cereals and a feeble milky acidity are also present. Neither is prominent, being at most an accompanying component to the almond’s flavor. Slightly bitter, a bit of vanilla tones when the coffee cools down, low intensity. A…

  • Italia Amaretti

    Italia Amaretti review

    Light brown foam. Strong and intense almond aroma, with a pleasant sweetness. Very dry, not at all sweet, but neither bitter, at hot temperatures. Somewhat bland when very hot. Some almond bitterness emerges during the tasting, along with vanilla and malted cereals notes. Virtually no acidity, mostly covered by the sweet aroma and the feeble bitterness. A light roast, with the inherent coffee flavors mostly covered by the almond flavoring. Overall a light/medium bodied capsule, slightly bitter at the taste and quite sweet at the smell, possessing a feebly acidic aftertaste. A light cup, low intensity, for relaxing moments.

  • Nespresso Nordic Almond Cake

    Nordic Almond Cake review

    A Nordic Variations Limited Edition from 2019. Light brown foam. Sweet aroma, of a good intensity. Very much almond-like. A medium-heavy cup, with hints of cereals and meringue mixed with some bitterness. Low acidity. Closely resembling a more subtle version of the Macaron limited edition. A blend of cream, meringue and almond flavors over the Livanto base. Delicate and flavorful.

  • Nespresso Macaron

    Macaron review

    A Festive Limited Edition from 2018. Brown foam. Intense aroma, half of roastiness and half of almonds/macarons. The sweetness of the smell immediately identifies it as a macaron aroma. A medium bodied, dry cup, probably medium roasted as well. Possessing a distinct but not overwhelming acidity. At higher temperatures it is more acidic, while at medium ones the roastiness balances it and makes it less sweet. A cup of coffee that is much more bitter and roasty than the name and the aroma would have led to believe. Definitely a capsule that is greatly enhanced with the addition of a teaspoon of sugar, as that makes the flavor of macaron…

  • Nespresso Praline

    Praline review

    A Festive Limited Edition from 2018. Light brown foam. Distinct smell of almond. Sweeter smell than the actual taste though. In the mouth results quite dry. Low acidity. Sweet notes during the tasting, more like caramel with hazelnut than almond. It belongs to the same category of the strongly flavored blends, Ciocattino, Vanilio and Caramelito.