Nespresso Livanto

Livanto Review

  • Origin: a blend of medium roasted Central and South American Arabica coffee, from Guatemala, Colombia and Brazil.
  • Intensity: 6
  • Bitterness: 3
  • Acidity: 3
  • Body: 3
  • Roasting: 3

Brown/gold foam. Intensely sweet and malty aroma, quite fresh, reminding of newly-opened coffee bags.

Tasting it at first reveal a medium roasted coffee, with a good amount of gentle bitterness that intertwines with sweetness. Only slightly acidic. Medium bodied, the crema is not much thick nor long lasting.

The aromatic profile leans towards “breakfast” flavors: a milky sweetness with a yogurt-like acidity and plenty of cereal notes. Somewhat dull when lukewarm, the flavors blend well together to the point of overlapping each other and becoming hard to distinguish. Not a complex pod.

Overall a straightforward blend that is easy on the palate and a good base for many coffee drinks. It is unsurprising that Nespresso use(d) Livanto for many years as the base blend for flavored pods. A balanced capsule, easy to be appreciated by most drinkers.

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