Illy Classico

Illy Classico Review

Light brown foam. Pleasant, moderate, aroma of biscuits, hazelnuts and delicate roasting notes. A classic coffee aroma, without much in terms of peculiarities.

Quite a heavy-bodied coffee, yet remaining absolutely smooth. At a first sip it is a semi-perfect blend of acidity and bitterness, slightly leaning towards the former. Bitterness hits the palate first, but then completely leaves the scene to acidity.

Citrus flavors are the main source of acidity. A light fruitiness, as of a berry jam, is also discernible and tones down the acidity with a bit of sweetness. Weak chocolate and hazelnuts notes complete the list of flavors.

Overall the acidity isn’t overwhelming and is perfectly balanced instead, making for a well-round taste profile. A moderately intense pod, with a long lasting crema.

It is not a complex coffee, but one that has instead a good mix of elements, making for a very easy to appreciate pod by most drinkers. Balanced, never harsh, a pod for virtually any moment of the day.

Illy Classico package
Illy Classico package

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