Fresh info about the Nespresso compostable pods

A bit more information on these new pods comes from the French website, where a page was launched to promote them. A few interesting facts are stated:

  • The pods are compostable at home. That means that they don’t need industrial-level compost facilities.
  • The pods should be brewed between 2 and 4 weeks after opening the sleeve. The material of the pods is clearly too porous to maintain all the flavors for longer.
  • The sleeve is made of paper and can be recycled. We would rather call it a bag though, as the shape resemble a more traditional bag for storing beans or ground coffee.

Besides these technical info, another news is that there are new pods too. The Nespresso compostable pods line will offer the already seen Peru Organic, and 3 new pods: Ispirazione Aosta, Ispirazione Sicilia, and Ispirazione Emilia. Probably they will end up in the Ispirazione Italiana line as their names are all inspired by locations in Italy. Not as famous ones as the existing ones, at least in coffee culture. All of these new pods are of medium intensity, with the highest one being an 8.

No info on availability of these compostable pods in other markets. We’d guess that as these are at least present on the French website, but not yet purchasable, they will soon be present on other EU markets, at the very least.

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