Nespresso Ispirazione Napoli

Ispirazione Napoli review

  • Origin: a blend of Robusta from Uganda and India with Arabica from South America
  • Intensity: 13
  • Roasting: 5

The darkest roast to be added to the Original Nespresso line so far. Dark brown foam. Permeating aroma, woody and nicely sweet. Burnt qualities and a noticeable licorice component are present in the smell. Not very “coffee-like”, quite unique instead.

In the cup it is very dry and salty. No traces of sweetness when hot, only some when lukewarm. Strong bitter aftertaste, similar to a Kazaar cup, but far more salty.

Definitely a dark roast, with a thick body, velvety in the mouth and lots of intensity. Not a coffee for a short break but one that really can give you a figurative “kick” of caffeine.

Flavors present are primarily of licorice, gingerbread, woody, and buttery biscuits. Dark cocoa notes become more prominent at low temperatures. Heavy crema, long-lasting. The velvety feeling in the mouth highlights well the various flavors.

Overall an intense and rich cup of espresso, close to a classical Italian one but richer in flavors than most. A boon for dark roast lovers.

Ispirazione Napoli package
Ispirazione Napoli package

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One Comment

  • Jiawen Chen

    Jiawen Chen

    Why change taste of Ispirazione Napoli And use to have a taste of wood notes and now no more wood notes taste .I like the old taste better ,then the new taste.

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