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Ispirazione Napoli review

Nespresso Ispirazione Napoli
  • Origin: a blend of Robusta from Uganda and India with Arabica from South America
  • Intensity: 13
  • Roasting: 5

The darkest roast to be added to the Original Nespresso line so far. Dark brown foam. Smell of burnt and liquorice, with woody notes. A pretty persistent aroma for a dry, velvety cup of coffee. A bit salty at first tasting, and not excessively bitter (in line to a Kazaar cup). Bitterness comes up mostly in the aftertaste and at lower temperatures, where it is noticeably more bitter. Some cocoa notes can be discerned. Definitely the closest to an italian espresso blend and a boon for lovers of very dark roasts.

Ispirazione Napoli package
Ispirazione Napoli package

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Ispirazione Napoli review

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