Ispirazione Novecento

Ispirazione Novecento Review

  • Origin: Arabica beans from Brazil and East Africa, along with Robusta beans from West Africa
  • Intensity: 9
  • Roasting: 4
  • Acidity: 1
  • Bitterness: 4
  • Body: 4

A 2021 limited edition within the Ispirazione Italiana line, inspired by the classic taste of Italian coffee of the 20th century.

Very dark brown foam. Lots of chocolate, nuts and nicely roasted notes in the aroma. Intense but quickly dissipating. Definitely a typical dark roasted coffee smell.

Dry at the first sip, with a subtle sweetness that pairs with a more prominent bitterness.

Not as heavy-bodied as could be initially expected, more on the medium/heavy side. The mouthfeel is overall dense though, nicely velvety and with a thick crema that lasts a long time.

A bitter and nutty aftertaste is a nice contrast with the denser, more like velvet and with a hint of sweetness mouthfeel.

Novecento becomes intensely spicy when drank at low temperatures. It then feels like a nutty and spicy pod, in opposition with a more chocolate and nutty taste profile when drank hotter.

With a high, but not very high, intensity Novecento is a great representative of the classic Italian espresso taste. It is strong enough to be enjoyable as a lungo as well, and with lots of milk. A pod that successfully embodies what a typical espresso from mid 1900s would taste like, reminding of a small café and short coffee, rapidly served and gulped as in the Italian style.

Ispirazione Novecento package
Ispirazione Novecento package

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