• Dalgona Coffee

    Can You Make Dalgona Coffee with Nespresso?

    Dalgona coffee is the latest trend on social media regarding coffee. For those unaware of it, Dalgona coffee is a type of whipped coffee made with a 1:1:1 ratio of instant coffee, hot water and sugar. Whipping it all together until it becomes a frothy mixture and then scooping it over cold or hot milk, to form exactly a whipped coffee like many other around the world. Dalgona coffee has become well known through social media like TikTok and Instagram and comes from South Korea (probably the first to name it so was a south-korean actor, Jung Il-woo, who ordered it in Macau and likened its taste to the Dalgona…

  • Espresso Tonic

    First Espresso Tonic

    We’ve had the chance to try an Espresso Tonic as it is becoming more common in town, after having been born a decade ago in Sweden. Very, very few cafes offer it though so it was a pleasurable news discovering on the menu. Anyhow, it was a double espresso poured over roughly 1/3 ice and 1/3 tonic. 2 slices of lemon at the bottom, lightly squeezed beforehand. At the bottom it was too sour, and very much “not coffee”, the top kept a bit of the espresso foam. A very light roast, not fruity but more flowery. Bar had Vergnano coffee as their main blend so it is very possible…