Old vs New comparison: Livanto vs Ispirazione Genova Livanto

Old Livanto vs new Ispirazione Genova Livanto

We continue our comparison of the old vs new capsules of the Ispirazione Italiana line with the Livanto and the Ispirazione Genova Livanto.

This is not a review of either capsules. You can find the full review of old Livanto here and of the new Ispirazione Genova Livanto here. This is instead a direct comparison of the two versions, highlighting only the differences.


Both capsules have a similar, cereals/milk, aroma. Livanto is decidedly sweeter though, and a tad stronger. It permeates the air more than the aroma of Ispirazione Genova.

Body and Crema

Medium body and a not too thick crema for both. Ispirazione Genova has a more velvety mouthfeel, especially at the beginning when the crema has not dissolved yet. The crema feels like a spume, it is higher. Livanto has slightly less body, being more light/medium than medium, but the difference here is minimal.


Bigger differences between the two capsules are in the acidity. Ispirazione Genova has a harsher, less sweet kind of acidity. Much like grapefruit. It can border the sourness, at times. The old Livanto had a more milk/yogurt type of acidity, sweeter but not stronger.

Ispirazione Genova’s acidity is much more noticeable, while Livanto is dryer. The acidity in the new capsule is decidedly more to the front, right from the first sip, while in Livanto it was more in the aftertaste, and barely noticeable at high temperatures.

Taste profile

Both Livanto and Ispirazione Genova have extremely similar taste profiles. Neither has much bitterness, same intensity and both have the cereals/milk/caramel notes that constitute the backbone of the taste profile.

The more prominent acidity in Ispirazione Genova hints at the use of more washed Arabica beans, or of higher altitude (as claimed by Nespresso). Livanto is less complex, Ispirazione Genova has a more “modern” taste profile, with a brilliant acidity that accompanies the whole tasting experience.


The old Livanto and the new Ispirazione Genova don’t differ much. Only markedly in the acidity, which is a constant in the new capsule where it was only a component, and much more in the aftertaste, in the old one. Using higher altitude Arabica beans in Ispirazione Genova generated this difference.

Otherwise, both capsules are sweet, low intensity, not bitter, with cereals and milk notes, perfect for a gentle and smooth cup of coffee.

Let us know what you think of this comparison. We’re very curious to understand what every Nespresso drinker can notice in these capsules, tell us in the comments if you felt a different flavor or something else in the aroma that we didn’t.

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