• Lack of updates on the Original line

    You have probably noticed our lack of updates on new or returning Nespresso pods. That was not our choice but a consequence of Nespresso’s decision. It is clear how in 2023 the focus of the company was in releasing new pods for the Vertuo line mostly, and leaving only returning pods to the Original line. The Vertuo got some interesting flavors like Whisky Essence, Vanilla, Chocolate, Golden Caramel, Juicy Watermelon Flavor Over Ice plus a plethora of returning pods like Honduras, Hawaii Kona, Jamaica Blue Mountain etc. On the other side, the Original Line has seen a refresh of the Barista Creations line with new Caramello, Cioccolatino, Nocciola, and Vaniglia;…

  • Hawaii Kona and Jamaica Blue Mountain returning in 2023

    Just announced by Nespresso the return of two beloved limited edition pods. Both for the Original and Vertuo lines. The return has been announced for the US market but, as usually happens, this doesn’t not exclude other markets to enjoy these pods again.

  • A rumoured list of Limited Edition pods for 2022

    There are rumours circulating in the web about the Limited Edition capsules that Nespresso is going to release this 2022. Often those rumours turn out to be true in our experience so it is worth to publish them. Obviously take them as just rumours and nothing officially confirmed, because that’s what they are. The limited edition pods for 2022 are rumoured to be: Cafecito de Puerto Rico Esperanza De Colombia La Cumplida Refinada Tamuka mu Zimbabwe Myanmar Pyeehma Brasil Bio Special Reserve Jamaica Blue Mountain Kahawa Ya Congo Aged Sumatra Papua New Guinea Amaha Awe Uganda Peru Organic Cafecito De Cuba Paris Black The list is not chronological, nor we…

  • Special Reserve Jamaica Blue Mountain available soon

    For EU customers at least. Not sure whether that includes UK and no certain news about USA/Canada or other markets. The Original line pod should start popping up in Nespresso stores and boutiques around the first days of December. As preannounced earlier, the pod is a re-release of the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee with an aesthetic uplifting. Nothing else should be changed.

  • Jamaica Blue Mountain getting re-released

    In Europe only, so far. It has recently popped up on the Nespresso France website and it is highly probable that it will make its appearance throughout EU within the next weeks, as it usually happens. No news if it will be released in the US and other markets as well. Interesting to notice that the capsule and the package have got an aesthetic update: now the pod is grey with little blue twirls.

  • Jamaica Blue Mountain Special Reserve coming on 1st February

    As previously rumoured, a special edition of the famed Jamaica Blue Mountain origin will be released on 1st February (for Canada, 3rd for the US). Only for the Original line, not the Vertuo. Still unclear if it will be released worldwide or exclusively in some markets.

  • Special Reserve Jamaica Blue Mountain coming next year?

    It’s been rumored that a special edition of the famous Jamaica Blue Mountain origin will be released next year. January or early February, at most. It was originally thought to launch last November but was delayed. It is just a rumor so far, and it is totally unknown if it will be released worldwide (probably not) or only in some markets. Also unclear whether it will be released for the Vertuo line as well as for the Original.