• Nespresso Colombia

    Colombia review

    Origin: high-grown Arabica from Colombia. Intensity: 6 Bitterness: 3 Acidity: 4 Body: 3 Roasting: 3 Order: Buy Colombia capsules at Amazon Brown foam. Very nice, “balanced”, aroma, with nutty/sweet tones. Acidity on the high side. A medium, velvet cup, with a thin crema overall. Blackcurrant and red berries flavours are the dominating ones. The final result is a nearly “wine-y” cup, a little bitter but definitely more fruity.

  • Nespresso Nicaragua

    Nicaragua review

    Origin: “Black Honey” processed Arabica from Nicaragua. Intensity: 5 Bitterness: 2 Acidity: 2 Body: 2 Roasting: 2 Order: Buy Nicaragua capsules at Amazon Brown foam. Sweet, biscuits-like aroma, not very pronounced. Quite acidic at the first taste, with woody notes. A bit sour too, not bitter. Not very flavourful, no notes are truly prominent but that can be also considered as a balanced cup. Medium bodied.

  • Nespresso Indonesia

    Indonesia review

    Origin: wet-hulled Arabica coffee from Sumatra and Java. Intensity: 8 Bitterness: 3 Acidity: 2 Body: 4 Roasting: 4 Order: Buy Indonesia capsules at Amazon An awesome mix of the strong aspects of the India’s capsule with a more gentle flavour coming from the island of Java. A Master Origin capsule from 2018. Brown foam. Sweet, fragrant aroma. Thick, somewhat bitter, tobacco-like, crema. A medium-dark roast. Cereal notes at first, medium dry. Quite acidic. More subtle notes appear further into the tasting, and bitterness subsides. Tastes really bland as a lungo though, stick with espresso/ristretto quantities. Overall a smooth cup, with tobacco and cereals flavours over an acidic and bitter base.

  • Nespresso India

    India review

    Origin: Robusta Monsoon blended with Arabica from India Intensity: 11 Bitterness: 5 Acidity: 1 Body: 4 Roasting: 5 Order: Buy India capsules at Amazon Very brown foam. Nice smell when brewing, slightly burnt. Could appeal a lot of die-hard espresso fans. In the mouth, hints of wood, maybe even chocolate (dark one obviously), perhaps a spicy kind of chocolate bar. The flavour is definitely intense. Bitter. Low acidity. A bit of a salty ending.

  • Nespresso Ethiopia

    Ethiopia review

    Origin: Ethiopian Arabica coffee. Intensity: 4 Bitterness: 2 Acidity: 4 Body: 2 Roasting: 2 Order: Buy Ethiopia capsules at Amazon An easy cup, extremely light foam, thin even. Definitely a cereals/fruity smell. No acidity. Dense in the mouth, it fills it very well. Tends to linger on the back of the palate. Fruity flavours increase during the tasting, tending towards the orange blossom and ripe fruits.